Wellness Days



Wellness days @ Health Centurion is a division of Dieticians @ Health Centurion. This company was formed in 2015 and focus on How to get clients to Gold!

Our main priority is to help Financial Advisors, Medical aid members and/or Corporate Companies to get their clients/ employees to the highest status as quick and convenient as possible.

We have the best team working at these Wellness days to help members get the best out of their Health Membership and loyalty programmes.
Our team consists of Registered Dieticians, Registered Nurses and Biokineticists.


The purpose of Wellness days @ Health Centurion is to deliver and empower the individual with the knowledge of their health statistics and to guide them into an educated process of achieving wellness.


  • To provide the opportunity for any individual to create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
  • To present the possibility for an individual to be able to approach the process with all service providers at one convenient venue.
  • The transition between service providers should be experienced as efficient, confidential and enjoyable.
  • To inform the individual of the results associated benefits and administrative claims in a timely manner.
  • To provide information to individuals in order to energize them to make informed choices about their health and lifestyle habits.
  • To facilitate excellent communication and confidentiality between Wellness @ Health and our clients.
  • To educate the individual and help identify and reduce risk factors associated with heart disease and other preventable diseases.


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