Corporate Wellness Days – Programmes


There has been an increasing trend towards the focus on Corporate Wellness. Many companies have started to recognize the value of providing employees with opportunities to improve their health through encouraging healthy lifestyle practices such as improving their diet, physical fitness and health monitoring.

Packages can be tailored to suit each company’s individual requirements, services include:

  • Nutrition coaching for executives
  • Running Nutrition stands at Company Wellness Days
  • On-site Vitality Nutrition Assessments
  • Talks and Presentations on Nutritional Topics
  • Onsite Dieticians on a weekly basis to ensure optimal nutritional Wellness of the employees. (one-on-one sessions)
  • Eating plans, and ongoing support
  • Progress reports
  • We also provide other service providers (Biokineticits, Optometrist and Nurse) on Corporate Wellness days

Contact person:
Angelique Tel: 082 567 6017 Email:



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