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First Consultation

R1050 once off 

During the consultation your dietician will be asking questions to determine what your nutritional goals is and how to reach them. This consultation is approximately 60 to 85 min and will focus on medical and dietary history, discussion of previous blood tests (if relevant), InBody composition, and discussion of dietary guidelines.

An individualized meal plan will follow via email.

  • 75 Minutes

  • First Nutrition Assessment

  • Medical/Diet History Taken

  • InBody Composition

  • Dietary Guidelines

  • Eating Guidelines

  • Pre consultation Questionnaire (only relevant with complicated history)

Follow up Consultation

R460 (20- 30 minutes)
R330 (10- 19 minutes)

During the 30 min follow up consultations you and your dietician will discuss progress in terms of health goals, weight goals and changes in body composition, as well as any adjustments needed to be made to your meal plan.

  • 30 Minutes

  • Anthropometric Measurement

  • Meal Adjustments

  • Nutritional Goals

  • Dietary Guidelines

  • Weight Monitor (inbody)

  • Eating plan amendments

Online consultations

R850 first month / R350 Thereafter (monthly)

During this initial online consultation your dietitian will take into account your medical and diet history to send you a personalised meal plan, grocery list and shopping guide, tips and educational content.

Thereafter the monthly follow up consultations at R300 will consist of discussing progress and changes in body measurements, as well as any needed changes to your meal plan.

  • Food diary analysis

  • Customized meal plan

  • Grocery list and shopping guide

  • Tips & educational content

  • Medical & dietary history

Vitality Nutrition Assessments

R410 once off

During this 30 min nutrition assessment you will earn 1000 Vitality points and learn about your nutritional needs.

  • 30 Minutes

  • Assessments per year: 1st Assessment = 1000 points

  • Individualized Meal Plan not included

Individualized Meal Plan

R350 once off

The Individualized Meal Plan is charged extra with the Following PMB programs which does not include a Meal plan

  • Bestmed Tempo Program

  • Bonitas PMB

  • Discovery PMB (excluding DCC program)

Inbody Scale Assessment

R200 once off

The body composition analysis includes

  • Weight

  • % Body fat

  • Body mass index

  • Total body water

  • Segmental lean muscle and fat analysis (right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg and left leg)

  • Basal metabolic rate

  • Visceral fat

  • Waist-hip ratio

Payment Methods

1. We will claim from your medical aid which will be deducted from your medical savings or if PMB applies
2. Clients can pay cash (card facilities are also available)

Cancellation Policy

(R100 levy will be charged at the first consultation if you would like us to claim from your medical scheme)  Only applicable for Dieticians@Health

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